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Collier TIGER

Together In Government & Education Reform

Steve Sullivan (GGH)

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Complete the TIGER Enrollment Form and submit to the Association Office.

Dues may be paid by cash, check or payroll deduction.

The payroll deduction will be taken from the last paycheck of the school year.

Annual TIGER Dues
Instructional           $20  
Non-Instructional     $10

TIGER Roundtable

Upcoming Roundtables

The Roundtables are for TIGER Members only.  Zoom invites are sent to your home email address in advance of the scheduled date.


With its commitment to quality education, Collier TIGER's basic goal is to inform all school employees regarding the direct relationship between the election of competent government officials and the improvement of teaching, learning and working conditions within our public schools.  TIGER helps coordinate political activities necessary to enhance the quality of education for our students.

School employees should understand that government officials make decisions that directly or indirectly determine the number of students in our classes, the level of our salaries, when we can retire and at what rate, what kinds of benefits will be permitted, and whether we will be given the resources to do an effective job. It is essential for Collier TIGER to seek out candidates for public office who have a sincere interest in the future of public education and its workers.


State law requires the registration of any group which supports political campaigns.  Another important reason for creating and maintaining Collier TIGER as a separate organization is that it can more easily pool the efforts and resources of many, making it effective far beyond what could be expected from the contributions of individuals acting alone.  Collier TIGER does not and by law cannot use association (union) dues from CCEA or CCAEOCAP to contribute to candidates or political parties.


YES, it represents both Democrats and Republicans.  TIGER is interested in securing the best candidates and provides information to help our members become better informed voters--but the choice is always up to the individual.

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