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Since 1957, the Collier County Education Association has served as the collective voice of Collier County's professional educators and as the community's staunchest advocate for the improvement of our district's public education system.  Originally formed as an association for both teachers and administrators, CCEA began with less than 50 members.  Today, CCEA has expanded with the growth of the school system and now represents more than 2,000 educators exclusive of administrators and supervisors. Its membership, though voluntary, annually accounts for about 70% of the total bargaining unit.

CCEA's office staff also is responsible for serving the classroom and office assistants within our school system represented by the Collier County Association of Educational Office and Classroom Assistant Personnel (CCAEOCAP).  This means that the CCEA office located at 6710 Lone Oak Boulevard in Naples is the service hub for more than 2,700 association members in Collier County.

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To advocate for excellence in public education and to enhance the teaching profession through a proactive relationship with CCPS and the Collier Community.

To be the catalyst for excellence in public education in Collier County.



Employee Rights &


Legislative &
Political Action

As the exclusive bargaining agent for Collier County's teachers and classroom-related educators, CCEA's bargaining team negotiates a comprehensive contract for its members.  To the greatest extent possible, negotiations are conducted using a collaborative process with District management.
Our contract addresses the working conditions, professional rights, salaries and economic benefits of our members.  CCEA's contract with the Collier County School Board generally is rated as one of the top five employee/employer agreements among Florida's 68 school districts. 

CCEA's bargaining team includes teacher members from the district’s elementary, middle, and high schools. We bargain in good faith on behalf of all instructional personnel in the Naples, Everglades City, and Immokalee area public schools including eCollier Academy, Lorenzo Walker Technical High, iTECH, and alternative schools. Area charter schools, although deemed 'public schools,' are not included in our bargaining unit.

The contract, once negotiated and ratified, represents the initial step in securing the rights of our members. Next is the administration of the contract.  Without guarding the rights and privileges won at the bargaining table, a contract becomes little more than a well-organized document. 
Executive Director Adam Schowalter and Member Rights Advocate Lyle Farmar provide the members with professional advice and assistance in grievance processing and arbitration work. 
Through the association, CCEA members also have access to highly qualified, public sector labor attorneys.  The level of assistance provided ranges from professional advice regarding personal leaves and preparation of assessment rejoinders to legal representation in termination cases. 

CCEA recognizes that its strength is firmly rooted in the efforts of its members who join on a voluntary basis. 
To maintain an informed leadership, educational opportunities are provided for our elected officers and faculty representatives.  We do this through monthly meetings and in special conferences and assemblies sponsored by CCEA, FEA, NEA or AFT. 
Training in such areas as community relations, contract administration, negotiations, political campaigning, and school improvement projects keeps CCEA a responsive and viable organization.

Whether it be local school board members, legislators or governors, politicians control public education now more than ever.    CCEA strives to build productive working relationships with our political decision makers.   We also work to educate our elected officials regarding the needs of public school employees and students. 
We recognize the need to keep our members politically informed on matters that impact their classrooms.   To that end, CCEA and CCAEOCAP have established TIGER (Together In Government & Education Reform).
Members are invited to participate in TIGER's monthly round table discussions with school board members and the superintendent.  TIGER showcases our political action efforts with an annual legislative reception.  Members are provided the opportunity to speak one-on-one with local and state government officials who participate in this forum.

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