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2018/19 End of Year Survey

I would like to have students released one hour early once a week so that time could be used for required meetings/PD and planning.


I would like our contractual day extended to 8 hours a day (paid hourly rate for the extra half hour) while student contract time remains the same.


The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) at our school is effective at problem solving.


What was the best part of this school year?

What was the most challenging part of the school year?

If you had 5 minutes with your PRINCIPAL and could change one thing about your school, what would you discuss?

If you had 5 minutes with the SUPERINTENDENT and could change one thing about CCPS, what would you discuss?

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What issue would you like CCEA to make a top priority for next year?

Please provide any comments you wish to share with us.

Our school's custodial staff is responsive to our needs and acts quickly.


Quality of the regurarly scheduled tasks completed by our custodial staff.


Overall satisfaction of the performance of our custodial STAFF.


Overall staisfaction of the performance of our custodial LEADERSHIP.


Overall classroom cleanliness.


Overall restroom cleanliness including consistent stocking of paper and soap products.


Overall cleanliness of hallways and other common areas.


How likely is it that you would recommend this custodial company to another school district?


What attributes and/or services of the custodial company are you most pleased with?

What area of custodial services provides the most opportunity for improvement?

Elaborate with any (custodial) comments you wish.

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